Real-time Blockchain Check-In

HotelTrax provides blockchain based real-time check-in solution for Hotels that prevents identity fraud, ensures data security, provide real-time reporting to police and gives the ability to police authorities to approve or reject the guest.

Current Problems

Identity Fraud

Identity data fraud by un-authorized use of physical ID proof of guest check-in at Hotels.

Delayed Report to Police Auhorities

Manual process of filing guests records results in errors & delayed reporting to state and police authorities causing threat to National Security

Week Data Security

Data is not encrypted & is prone to data theft. Manual data filing results in data misuse.

HotelTrax - The Solution

Real-time Check-ins

Real-time guest check-ins are visible to Police authorities for approve, suspect or blacklist actions.

Prevents Identity Fraud

ID proof is digitally captured that minimized identity fraud.

Enhanced Data Security

Data stored securely in encrypted database, prevents data leak & identity theft.

100% Compliance

Digital filing of guest check-in records meets 100% compliance with no delay or missed reporting.

Guest Timeline View

  • Approval by Police
  • Suspect Marked by Police
  • Blacklisted by Hotel

  • Benefits
  • Prevents Re-check-in of Blacklisted Guests
  • Suspects are not allowed to check-out

HotelTrax in Action