Enterprise Blockchain Solutions for Your Business

Get Your Business on Enterprise Blockchain for secured, transparent, trusted and efficient solution to gain competitive edge


Supply Chain

Blockchain technology provides tremendous benefits in supply chain thorugh its distributed open ledger in which each network participant is validated and update in real-time bringing transparency and efficiency in overall business process.

  • Benefits
  • Product tracking
  • Product traceability
  • Reduction of fraud
  • Trusted Transactions
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Minimize Costs
  • Increased Logistics Transparency

Financial Services

Blockchain has revolutionized the financial sector with its trusted and secured distributed online ledger technology to make overall financial process efficient with following benefits:

  • Banking
  • KYC - Digital entities helps in completing KYC process quickly
  • User information is stored securely with help of cryptography
  • Cross Border Remittances
  • Bank Gaurantees
  • Mortgage Verification & Smart Contracts
  • Clearing & Setllement
  • Credit Management

  • Insurance
  • Transforming insurance operations with faster verifiable data exchanges, visibility for all parties, and transactions underpinned with security and trust
  • Faster settlement of claims with reducion in disputes with the help of transparency of shared data amongst various stakeholders

  • Benefits
  • Real-time point-to-point funds transfer
  • Fraud prevention and detection
  • Minimize money laundering



Utilize power of Blockchain technology to provide efficient and high quality healthcare with the patient data being available to the stakeholders when and wherever needed.

Enable patients to control their medical records and streamline clinical data across organizations.

Using digital signatures on blockchain-based data that allows access only when authorized by multiple people could regulate the availability and maintain the privacy of health records.

  • Use Cases
  • Drug Traceability
  • Patient Data Management (PHI, EMR records and data collected from IOT medical devices)
  • Data Security in Clinical Trials
  • Claims adjudication
  • EHR Interoperability

Media & Entertainment

Digital transactions with immutable, distributed ledgers deliver complete trust to media, entertainment and advertising industry while reducing costs and eliminating intermediaries

  • Benefits
  • Eliminate Fraud: Digitally record media purchases on a shared, immutable ledger (Online Music, Concert Tickets, Advertising)
  • Increase Transparency: Automate royalty payments with verifiable digital supply chain participants involved


Real Estate

Utilize the power of Blockchain to make immutable, secured and transparent smart agreements for property transactions with complete traceability and auditing of records to prevents frauds.



E-Voting using the power of Blockchain technology results in voter fraud reduction with verifiable audit trails to enhance trust in the government.


Airlines & Hotels

KYC online for hotel checkins linked with local police department for secured checkins that prevents misuse of personal data
Verifiable digital passenger information for boarding and payments
Complete tracking of trips with power of Blockchain with audit trail of each trip information



Digitize certificates, degree and student records with Blockchain to prevent fraud, duplication and tampering